Indoor wall cladding

Indoor wall cladding

Indoor wall tile is the perfect option if you want the walls to play an important role in your home decoration. This is not a decision that should be taken lightly because the indoor wall tile you choose for a space can change its look entirely.

Are you thinking about a home renovation project but would like to choose something besides paint? Indoor wall tile is an increasingly more popular option because, besides a huge range of very different designs, its characteristics also bring some huge advantages.

Characteristics of wall tile

Characteristics of wall tile

Wall tile offers great durability and strength because ceramic is a material that requires almost no maintenance whatsoever. You will no longer be painting your walls every once in a while or changing the wallpaper.

Indoor wall tile has also become another part of the decoration, hence why it is now one of the biggest trends in interior design projects. Wall tile lets you add a personal touch to any room thanks to the huge range of colours, textures and original design available to suit any style.

Applications for indoor wall tile

Ceramic wall tile is very popular in kitchens and bathrooms. Offering a waterproof and strong finish that is easy to clean, indoor wall tile has become essential in kitchen and bathroom spaces and one of the most functional materials in the market.

Furthermore, the wide range of ceramic wall tile designs and the versatility of this material mean it is a perfect option for use as an interior wall covering in living rooms and bedrooms.

EXTREME 60x120 PERLA GRIS 60X120 AMB 01 - Revestimiento pared interior

Kitchen wall tile

Kitchen wall tile has been used for many years in all kinds of kitchen designs. Indoor wall tile is a highly effective alternative, especially due to how easy it is to clean. This material is highly resistant to cleaning products, does not stain and has an antibacterial surface. Perfect for the kitchen!

In short, kitchen ceramic wall tile is a classic that constantly reinvents itself through new and innovative designs and formats that will give your kitchen a great modern look.

So, if you are looking for a modern style for your kitchen, the CICOGRES catalogue has a plethora of designs and formats that includes rectified tile, one of the most popular trends for kitchen wall tile at the moment.

You can also choose from a wide range of colours, designs, contrasts and textures, such as our imitation stone, marble and wood ceramic tile collections. A complete range of options that will let you create a unique kitchen with combinations of different finishes that all come with the guarantees of ceramic material.

ALSACIA 60x120 NATURA ROBLE AMB 01 - Revestimiento pared interior

Bathroom wall tile

As a bathroom wall covering, ceramic tile is the most popular material among professionals because it offers huge advantages and benefits in the bathroom that will guarantee a quality material for life.

Besides its strength, easy cleaning and almost no maintenance, ceramic bathroom tile is also waterproof. A great point in favour of using it as a wall covering in the shower. Because it absorbs no water whatsoever, this tile will never have a problem with moisture or the appearance of mould.

In the CICOGRES catalogue, you will also find a wide range of indoor wall tiles to help you create modern, simple, rustic or impactful spaces. You decide!

Living room wall tile

Choosing a wall covering for your living room is no easy decision. The living room is where we usually spend most of our time at home and also where we entertain guests. So a good tip is to spend some time thinking about how to reflect your style in the living room and choose a design that best suits that style.

With ceramic wall tile, you will have found the best ally for covering your indoor walls. Why? Because ceramic is a material that can perfectly withstand any kind of collision, contact with furniture and even any stains from day-to-day life.

Do you want a rustic, modern, contemporary, simple or more urban living room? You just need to pick a style you want on the walls of your living room. The tiles available from CICOGRES will provide a perfect answer to what you are looking for and will help you to create a cosy atmosphere you will never get bored of.

Bedroom wall tile

For covering the walls of a bedroom, we recommend opting for imitation wood tile in grey, light grey or a sandy colour. Light coloured ceramic tiles that bring light and a sense of spaciousness into the bedroom would be another great choice.

The most important thing is for the bedroom wall covering to achieve a relaxed, simple and balanced atmosphere that encourages rest.

How to install wall tile?

How to install wall tile?

You’re no doubt wondering how to install wall tile. Don’t worry. We have some information for you on how to install wall tile as simply as possible and with a professional finish. We guarantee that our tips will help you make the most of your chosen indoor wall covering.

Once you have your chosen tiles, you need to prepare the surface. It is very important for the wall to be smooth and level. Then you will need to apply the adhesive mortar and lay the tiles with the help of a spirit level.

Generally speaking, this is how wall tile is installed. However, CICOGRES always recommends getting in touch with an experienced professional who knows how to install ceramic wall tile correctly, especially if you opt for large format pieces. Get in touch with us if you need advice on choosing the best interior wall covering for you.


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