Modern kitchen tile

Modern kitchen tile

Modern kitchen tile is a strong feature in kitchens with modern ceramic tile. If you want a contemporary and modern finish in your kitchen, you need to consider that the tiles you choose play an essential role in kitchen design.

At CICOGRES, we have the best tiles for modern integrated kitchens, so if you want to see modern kitchen tiles, make sure to take a look at our extensive catalogue.

Here are a few tips to help you choose the best modern kitchen tile for you.

Characteristics of modern kitchen tile

Characteristics of modern kitchen tile

It is very important for modern kitchen tile to have certain specific technical features.

It must be strong and long-lasting, and be able to withstand wear and tear and abrasion. It also needs to be impermeable and have low water absorption levels, a quality that will prevent unwanted stains and will let you clean your tiles without any kind of special treatment.

However, beyond the technical aspects of ceramic tile, it is important to consider the top trending kitchen tiles if you want a modern and contemporary look.

The most popular modern kitchen tile colours at the moment are light shades of neutral colours - such as white, beige or grey - for achieving a kitchen with a strong sense of cleanliness in which simplicity rules supreme.

These colours are perfect for enhancing any natural light and can be easily combined with imitation stone, marble or wood tile for modern kitchens, which also add an elegant and natural touch.

Uses of tiles for modern kitchens

Using modern kitchen tile on different surfaces will depend on the type of tile for modern kitchens that you choose.

Nonetheless, because of their inherent properties, most modern kitchen tiles are ideal for covering the floor and walls in any modern kitchen with tiles.

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Modern kitchen floor tile

Ceramic tile for modern kitchen floors is one of the best decorative options with which to achieve a kitchen with a contemporary look.

Why? Because modern kitchen floor tile is made from a long-lasting material that is unaffected by water and moisture, and is also very easy to clean and excellent at withstanding chemical agents.

In terms of design, the most popular are modern kitchen tiles of a simple appearance that provide a sense of cleanliness and enhance all the other elements, such as the units, tapware or wall tile.

However, if you are looking for modern kitchen floor tiles with a more refreshing and natural look, the imitation stone, imitation marble or imitation wood tile options are an excellent alternative for modern rustic kitchen tile.

Modern kitchen wall tile

Ceramic tile for modern kitchen walls is the best option for modern kitchens with wall tiles.

Although ceramic tile is a material that has been in use for many years, the tiles for covering modern kitchen walls come with special and modern designs that will add a touch of simplicity and elegance to your kitchen.

For the wall tiles in a modern kitchen, we recommend tiles with gentle designs and neutral colours, such as the Relais, Toscana, Alsacia or Labuan models, collections that you will find in our extensive catalogue.

Furthermore, we recommend white modern kitchen tile for small kitchens or, if not, the Perla versions of the models in the catalogue from CICOGRES.

This will provide more light and a greater sense of speciousness in the room.

Modern kitchen tile

Modern kitchen tile catalogue

At CICOGRES, we work hard every day to bring you a very extensive modern kitchen tile catalogue in which you can find a huge variety of options to suit your style.

Furthermore, our catalogue also has images of modern kitchens with tiles, photos of kitchens with modern tiles and designs for modern kitchens with tiles that will give you several ideas and inspiration for your next renovation project!Get in touch with us!

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