Modern bathroom tile

Modern bathroom tile

Are you looking for some modern bathroom tiles? We know this can be a very tough choice to make because the tiles for modern bathrooms play a fundamental role in the overall decoration and finish in this room of the house.

Nowadays, modern bathroom tile is not just a simple tiling job. You need to carefully consider the characteristics of a modern bathroom in order to choose the right tile for the job.

Modern bathroom decoration leans towards sobriety and simplicity, opting for modern bathroom tiles with minimalist lines and smooth designs; designs that you can find in several of the collections from CICOGRES.

Characteristics of modern bathroom tile

Characteristics of modern bathroom tile

Modern bathroom tile should be impermeable because this is a part of the house where water is very present. Furthermore, having modern bathroom tiles that are also non-slip is another point in favour of any choice as this will prevent slips and falls in the shower area.

Turning to the design of modern bathroom tiles, the latest trends opt for sombre and simple designs as well as for large format tiles, such as rectified tile.

The colours used for modern bathroom ceramic tile are usually neutral, such as grey, white or even black, which can combine well with one another to create elegant bathrooms full of personality.

Uses of modern bathroom ceramic tile

Due to its technical characteristics, modern bathroom ceramic tile is perfect for modern bathroom floors but also for modern bathroom walls.

Using tile for your shower interior is another very popular and well-established trend. So if you want to do away with the shower tray and bathtub in exchange for a shower entirely lined with ceramic tile, take a look at the tile for modern bathrooms with a shower that we have available in the CICOGRES catalogue. We promise you won’t be disappointed

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Modern bathrooms floor tile

Ceramic tile for modern bathroom floors is the best option because it is a durable material that will not be affected by water or moisture. Neutral colours, such as beige, grey or white, will help you create an elegant space fit for modern bathroom floors.

Imitation natural stone, imitation wood or imitation marble tiles are another trend that is growing in popularity for modern bathroom floors as they can create a space with simple and very natural contrast, one of the most highly sought-after finishes and styles at the moment.

Modern bathroom wall tile

Ceramic is the best wall covering material for modern bathrooms because it offers huge versatility in terms of design. If your bathroom is small, we recommend using a wall covering for modern bathrooms in light colours, such as the modern bathroom tile in grey, white or beige.

These lighter colours will achieve a sensation of more light and space, characteristics that can be enhanced by choosing rectified tile for the wall covering in modern bathrooms, producing a uniform and continuous finish thanks to the near invisible joints.

Modern bathroom tile

Catalogue of modern bathroom tile

Can you still not decide which modern bathroom tile to use for your next renovation project? At CICOGRES, we have an extensive catalogue of modern bathroom tiles. Take a look and be inspired by the various design and textures of our modern bathroom tiles.

If you already know about our catalogue of modern bathroom tiles and still have doubts about which is the best for your project, get in touch with us! We will advise you on the best option free of charge.

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