Imitation stone tiles

Imitation stone tiles

Did you know that imitation stone tile is a must when undertaking any kind of renovation project? The main reason is because its elegant design is perfect for any space in your house, both indoors and out.

The designs available for this kind of tile can help you create modern and cosy spaces with a refreshing natural touch. But that’s not all. The strength of imitation stone tile not only comes from its design but also from its inherently strong properties.

If you are thinking about a home renovation and are looking for a style with strong and elegant personality, CICOGRES offers you some of the best stone effect tile in the market.
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Characteristics of imitation stone tile

Characteristics of imitation stone tile

Imitation stone tile is perfect for decorating your home because it is highly versatile and very realistic, which will help you achieve exactly what you’re after.

Imitation stone tile is available at highly affordable prices when compared with natural stone. It offers the best alternative if you want a rustic, natural, modern and strong finish for your renovation project.

However, the amazing characteristics of imitation stone tile do not end there. Because it is made of tile and not natural stone, it offers all the advantages that come with the use of ceramic materials. For example, it is highly wear- and collision-resistant, it has low porosity and resists stains, and it is highly durable, easy to clean and low-maintenance.

Uses for stone effect tile

Stone effect tile is perfect for both walls and indoor or outdoor flooring.
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Modern kitchen tile

Imitation stone wall tile

Imitation stone wall tile is a great decorative option for both interiors and exteriors because it will turn any space into an eye-catching feature. Thanks to the huge variety of colours and textures, imitation stone wall tile will let you create an aesthetically impactful finish.

Imitation stone outdoor wall tile is one of our favourites. Thanks to the wide range of collections inspired by countless natural stone materials, you can choose the perfect finish to suit your design. This type of wall tile will help you achieve the look you want for your walls: rustic, modern, robust, elegant, etc.

What are you looking to achieve with your renovation project? Whatever that might be, you will find options to suit any style in our catalogue of imitation stone tile. We can guarantee that the new look you want for your home will not go unnoticed when using our collections.

Imitation stone floor tile

Besides its impactful design, imitation natural stone floor tile also has all the technical properties of porcelain stoneware tile. Despite not actually being made from natural stone, the imitation stone ceramic floor tile you will find at CICOGRES is very strong and long-lasting.

Stone effect floor tile is manufactured with a single firing process. What does that mean exactly? It means that, besides the qualities mentioned above, imitation stone porcelain floor tile offers low water and moisture absorption and can withstand sudden temperature changes. This means it is highly recommendable for indoor use and especially outdoor use.

In short, imitation stone floor tile offers enormous benefits and technical advantages, as well as various designs, textures and colours that can be perfectly combined with any other material and design.

AVIGNON GRIS 120X120 AMB scaled - Azulejos imitación piedra

Applications for stone effect tile

The available designs for stone effect tile are inspired by a wide range of different natural stones and are an excellent option for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

If you are thinking about adding a strong look to your living room, CICOGRES recommends you take a look through our catalogue of stone effect indoor tile. However, you will also find perfect imitation stone ceramic tile options for bathrooms and kitchens.

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Grey tiles

Imitation stone tile for kitchens

With the imitation stone tile for kitchens that you will find at CICOGRES, you can decorate your kitchen with a rustic look and combine that with any other tiles, such as ones in neutral colours, for a unique contrast.

But that’s not all. Imitation stone kitchen tile can be used to cover walls, floors and even other parts of your kitchen, such as columns or countertops. If you’re looking to create a sophisticated, bright and cosy atmosphere, white imitation stone tile is the latest thing in kitchens.

ALSACIA BLANCO MATE 75x150 AMB 02 - Azulejos imitación piedra

Imitation stone tile for bathrooms

Bathrooms with imitation stone tile are among the latest trends in interior design and decoration. The finishes achieved with this type of tile offer pure elegance based on a commitment to colder colours in combination with tiles in other colours.

Furthermore, if you’re looking for an original bathroom with unique character, you might want to use imitation stone tile for showers for a feeling of increased spaciousness in your bathroom based on the use of a single collection throughout the space for added continuity.

Imitation stone indoor tile

If you’re looking for imitation stone indoor tile, we recommend light colours and the finer designs in our catalogue because they will help you achieve a rustic yet delicate and spontaneous look for any room.

imitation stone indoor floor tile is usually also more delicate when compared with similar outdoor tile. Perfect for adding a touch of class to bathrooms, kitchens or living rooms.

AVIGNON AVORIO 100X100 AMB - Azulejos imitación piedra

Imitation stone tile for living rooms

Imitation stone tile for living rooms is the top choice for covering one of the walls in this part of the house, where harmony should reign supreme.

To create a warm and cosy atmosphere in your living room at home, we recommend using delicate and simple imitation stone tile in a sand or honey colour. However, if you would prefer to create a minimalist aesthetic, grey imitation stone tile is perfect for adding a touch of contrast.

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