Tiles for white kitchens

Tiles for white kitchens

White kitchen tile is the most popular and most commonly used in any kitchen renovation project. White kitchen tile is a classic that will never go out of fashion. We are convinced of that!

White kitchen tile continues to be one of the most popular trends at the moment, especially large formats and the gloss or polished finishes because they can be used to enhance the sense of cleanliness and brightness offered by white tile.

Would you like to learn more about white kitchen tile? Discover its huge advantages and decorative potential with us.

Characteristics of white kitchen tile

Characteristics of white kitchen tile

White kitchen tile is made from a material of outstanding quality that brings huge benefits to the kitchen: ceramic.

It might seem that this kind of tile will get very dirty and be difficult to clean, right?

Nothing could be further from the truth. The ceramic tile manufacturing process ensures that white kitchen tile is impermeable, not very porous and very water-resistant.

What does that mean exactly? That you need not worry about stains or the cleaning process. Because this material is not very porous, it does not absorb water and can therefore repel any stain.

We know that white tile is a very traditional option but the wide variety of available designs and textures is another advantage.

With the modern white kitchen tiles that you will find in our catalogue, you can turn your kitchen into an elegant, glamorous and modern space.

It is also important to mention that modern kitchen tiling projects have shifted away from the traditional small tiles and tend to opt for a kitchen with large white tiles.

Large format bevelled tiles are a very common feature in modern kitchen looks.

White kitchen tile finishes

The modern variety of white kitchen tiles is extremely wide and includes all sorts of finishes for achieving different looks. Large white kitchen tiles also further enhance the sensations created by the various finishes.

Would you like to know more about the finishes available for white kitchen tile?

We will now talk about matte white kitchen tile and gloss white tile, which are the most commonly used for modern white kitchens.

ALSACIA BLANCO MATE 75x150 AMB 02 - Cocinas Blancas

Matte white kitchen tile

If you are trying to find a product to cover the floor or walls in your kitchen that will help to enhance the potential of other features to create a warm and cosy atmosphere, matte white kitchen tile is what you’ve been looking for.

Furthermore, this type of finish hides dirt and is perfect for creating a more contemporary style in the kitchen.

If you have already decided on matte white kitchen tile, we recommend taking a look at the various options with a matte finish in our Blanco model.

For example, its Dunas, Future or Tera versions are perfect for tiling a modern kitchen.

However, if you prefer something more simple and without texture, the Blanco Mate is the most suitable tile for white kitchens.

Gloss white kitchen tile

The finish on gloss white kitchen tile reflects light, which is ideal if you want an elegant and glamorous look for your kitchen.

Kitchens with gloss white tile are much brighter spaces. Perfect for small kitchens!

If you want the wall or floor covering in your kitchen to be the main feature, gloss white tile for kitchens is the right choice.

Besides serving as another feature of the decoration, tile for white kitchens will help make the space seem brighter and more spacious.

Tiles for white kitchens

Floor tile for white kitchens

The most highly recommendable floor tile for white kitchens are those in imitation wood finishes, which will help add a touch of warmth to this space by offering contrast and a rustic look.

Take a look at the Texas, Bernini, Douglas or Natura models in the CICOGRES catalogue. You’ll love them!

Furthermore, a grey or beige with softer designs would also be a great choice as floor tile for white kitchens. In this case, we recommend the Basilea or Labuan model.

In the catalogue from CICOGRES, you will find the perfect collection for you if you want to follow the latest trends in tile for white kitchens. Get in touch with us if you have any questions or need some advice with us. We look forward to helping you!


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