Tiles for small bathrooms

Tiles for small bathrooms

Choosing the tiles for small bathrooms is a complicated task because they need to complement the various other bathroom fixtures in order to make the most of such a small space.

One factor that can help make your bathroom look bigger is light. So, if you have good natural light in the room, you should use materials, colours and textures that enhance that brightness, such as reflective tiles with a gloss finish.

If the natural light in the space does you no favours, we recommend using tiles for small bathrooms in light colours and shades that will help give a sense of greater visual amplitude. Are you considering a bathroom renovation but don’t know how to make it feel more spacious?

Don’t worry, here are some great tips on tiles for small bathrooms to help you make the most of your space.

Characteristics of small bathroom tile

Characteristics of small bathroom tile

Small bathroom tile needs to have a series of features that can guarantee it will enhance every corner of your bathroom.

Colour is one of the main characteristics to consider. The colours of ceramic tile for small bathrooms should be light, such as white, beige or light grey. The textures should also enhance the natural light, so we highly recommend a gloss or polished finish for small bathroom tile.

Tile format is another characteristic to be considered if you want your bathroom to look and feel bigger. In this case, conventional size tiles are the least recommended.

Bearing that in mind, the most highly recommended solution for small bathroom tile is to use large format and rectified tile.

Although small tiles are also an excellent option to make your bathroom feel bigger, it is always better to opt for larger formats for small bathroom tile.

Combining tiles in small bathrooms

Combining tiles in small bathrooms is also an excellent option that will let you play with textures and colours in order to lend a sense of spaciousness to the bathroom. Here are a few tips with ideas for tiles in small bathrooms.

If you choose to combine different tiles for small bathrooms, one of the most popular trends at the moment is to cover one of the walls with a different texture to the finish on the rest of the bathroom tiles. Stone effect tile in neutral colours would be a good example of this, which will also give your bathroom a natural and balanced look.

Another trend is to use the same material and the same colour for both the floor and the walls. If this is the option that most appeals to you, we recommend using neutral and light colours for the ceramic tile in a small bathroom.

Uses of tiles for small bathrooms

Tiles for small bathrooms are commonly used for the floor in small bathrooms. However, given their technical characteristics, tiles for small bathrooms are also an excellent option for covering the walls.

Bathroom tiles

Floor tiles for small bathrooms

If you are trying to find a flooring material for small bathrooms, the CICOGRES catalogue contains a wide variety of tiles that will perfectly suit the aesthetic of your project.

The available options for making the most of the size in a small bathroom include the collections in light colours, such as our Blanco, Toscana Perla, Alsacia or Labuan Perla models, among others.

Wall tile for small bathrooms

Among the many wall tile options for small bathrooms, a trend has emerged to cover the shower wall with artistic motif tiles in order to create a contrast and for the rest of the bathroom to seem larger.

One classic that never fails are small bathrooms with white tiles and, in this case, we recommend using one of the white tile options for small bathrooms from CICOGRES.

Perhaps the Blanco Tera, Blanco Dunas or Blanco City models. They are perfect for small bathrooms!

Tiles for small bathrooms

What tile should you use in a small bathroom?

In short, tiles for small bathrooms in light colours are the best option if you aren’t sure which tiles to use in a small bathroom. However, don’t forget that textures imitating other natural materials or very small tiles in a beige or grey will also have a positive effect.

If you still have doubts and are still wondering which tile to use in a small bathroom, get in touch with usWe work with experts who can help you make the right choice.

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