Imitation wood tiles

Imitation wood tiles

Our imitation wood tile is among the most highly sought-after in the market because of its huge design potential. Of course, its advantages are even more popular!

Do you want to create a warm and cosy atmosphere in your home? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Ceramic tile imitating other materials is all the rage due to its outstanding technical properties, which we will get on to later. Furthermore, our wood effect tile will help you create a natural and rustic look that nobody will be able to tell apart from the real thing.

At CICOGRES, we have several different models of wood effect tile on offer. No matter what sort of wood you are looking for, you will find imitation wood tile at affordable prices and inspired by different trees in our extensive catalogue.

Do you want to know more about everything this sort of tile can offer?

Characteristics of imitation wood tile

Characteristics of imitation wood tile

Wood effect tile offers several important technical and aesthetic advantages over other sorts of tile. One of the most significant, however, and one that should definitely be considered when choosing this type of tile, is the benefits to be gained when compared with natural wood.

Natural timber is a material that comes at a higher price and that requires constant maintenance when used as a wall or floor covering.

On the other hand and in the same way as any other ceramic piece, the inherent properties of imitation wood tile mean it requires no specific maintenance over time. It will always look shiny and polished without the need for any special treatment.

Its design is another strong point. Imitation wood ceramic tile recreates natural wood in a highly realistic fashion, with all the aesthetic characteristics you would find in the natural version. Stoneware tile has the ability to perfectly adapt to the texture, colours and look of wood, even reflecting such specific features as the characteristic grain or knots of timber taken from a tree.

Uses for wood effect tile

In the CICOGRES catalogue, you will find an extensive range of wood effect tile models that will perfectly suit any project you decide to undertake.

Thanks to a wide range of options inspired by the most exquisite natural wood, wood effect tile is the perfect choice for any wood effect floor or wall covering.

Perhaps the most common way for this tile to be used is for creating imitation wood ceramic floors, offering the best alternative to classic wood flooring or parquet.

TEXAS CAOBA MATE RECT 225X1195 AMB 02 - Azulejos imitación madera

Imitation wood floor tile

Who doesn’t like the effect that wood has on the rooms in their home? If you are looking to add a touch of warmth to your renovation project, you’ll love imitation wood floor tile.

Imitation wood stoneware floor tile is made from highly strong materials and the production process creates highly compact ceramic pieces that imitate other materials. Furthermore, it is perfectly capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions, moisture, extremely high or low temperatures and, above all, its non-slip finishes can prevent unwanted slips and falls.

With imitation wood ceramic floor tile, your floors will look like real wood! Furthermore, the real wood-inspired colours and tones that we have on offer at CICOGRES are a perfect option for featuring strongly in the decoration of your home.

As we said before, wood is a relatively expensive raw material. Meanwhile, imitation wood ceramic floor tile comes at much more competitive prices and also offers performance features that natural wood simply cannot: strength, durability, low maintenance and easy cleaning. Moreover, this tile will always look as good as the day you installed it, remaining unaffected by the passage of time or external aggression.

The latest trends include grey imitation wood tile, an elegant and modern finish that will perfectly suit any kind of decoration project. Whether dealing with warm or cold colours, you will achieve an atmosphere in which harmony reigns supreme.

Imitation wood wall tile

Imitation wood wall tile is perfect if you also want to add spaciousness and visual continuity to your project. The warmth and balance provided by the various colours of the imitation wood tile available in our catalogue will help you create cosy and special spaces wherever you want, in which eye-catching walls will become the centre of attention.

TEXAS COGNAC MATE RECT 225X1195 AMB 02 - Azulejos imitación madera

Applications for wood effect tile

It is very common for wood effect tile to be used as a flooring material in living rooms, bedrooms and outdoor spaces. Few people dare to use this kind of ceramic material in bathrooms or kitchens.

However, the latest trends are turning to bathrooms lined with imitation wood tile or imitation wood tile in the kitchen. This is because imitation wood wall tile is a great option when seeking continuity with the material used on the floor in the rest of the house for a greater sense of spaciousness. This decorative option is made possible thanks to the properties offered by wood effect tile. Unlike natural wood, this tile offers low porosity and is damp- and stain-resistant, essential qualities for any bathroom or kitchen.

NATURA 20x120 ARCE AMB 01 - Azulejos imitación madera

Imitation wood tile for kitchens

For precisely the same reasons, we can also recommend imitation wood tile for kitchens. Generally speaking, kitchens tend to be white or another light colour; colour schemes that perfectly suit the natural touch offered by any kind of imitation wood kitchen tile.

Kitchen design is highly important because it is usually the part of a home where you spend the most time. If you want a natural, rustic and clean look for your kitchen, imitation wood tile for kitchens is exactly what you’re looking for.

Would you like to know the possible impact of imitation wood tile on your next renovation project? Get in touch with usCICOGRES can provide all the advice you need, free of charge!

Bathroom tiles

Imitation wood tile for bathrooms

It is generally ill-advised to use natural wood in spaces that are exposed to moisture and water. However, that doesn’t mean you need to entirely forego the warm designs that come with the use of wood. By using imitation wood bathroom tile, you can create a minimalist, rustic or Nordic atmosphere that can be extended onto the floor of your shower for a personal, unique and innovative look in your bathroom.

Imitation wood bathroom tile is perfect for both wall and floor coverings because they are highly moisture-resistant, meaning you won’t need to worry about their maintenance in this kind of space. Furthermore, this tile provides an antibacterial surface that prevents the spread of mould and bacteria in such sensitive and exposed spaces as your bathroom. They are also very easy to clean and maintain.

As you can see, this wood effect bathroom tile also offers a cosy atmosphere that can be combined with any colour and style, therefore providing the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are using a safe and practical material for your bathroom.


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