Kitchen tiles

Kitchen tiles

Choosing kitchen tile for a renovation project is the perfect option for covering the floors and walls in this part of your home. However, finding the right type of kitchen tile for your project is no easy task.

Besides functionality in your kitchen tile, you also need to consider the various designs and textures of each type of tile in order to know which one is best for each type of kitchen.

There is an infinite choice of kitchen tile available in the market and, if you are looking for the best modern kitchen tile, CICOGRES has you covered: tiles with different designs and textures that will perfectly suit every taste and style.

Characteristics of kitchen tile

Characteristics of kitchen tile

The kitchen is one part of your home that requires the most care when choosing one type of kitchen tile or another.

Furthermore, if you are thinking about replacing your kitchen floor, you should be very careful when choosing a new paving material because, just like in a bathroom, this space is constantly exposed to water and other liquids, such as those from food, grease and cleaning chemicals.

Kitchen tile is made from high quality materials that make it the most durable option with the best guarantees for this part of your home. But what are the advantages of kitchen tile?

This ceramic material offers a perfect finish that will feature strongly in your kitchen décor, even the simplest of versions.

It is also a strong, long-lasting and low water-absorption material that is waterproof and very easy to clean; essential features in such a demanding space as the kitchen where intense daily use will not affect the technical or aesthetic properties of kitchen tile.

Latest trends in kitchen tile

White tile will never stop being a popular choice for kitchen tile. This is the most common and widely used decorative option for kitchen renovations, a trend that will never go away.

This colour provides a great sense of cleanliness and can be easily combined with other colours and your kitchen units.

If you’re looking for a modern kitchen, we recommend using easily combined simple modern kitchen tile with smooth lines and neutral colours. Large format pieces are another great option for bringing a sense of spaciousness to a kitchen.

Grey kitchen tile is an excellent option from among the latest trends in kitchen tiles as it will add a touch of the modern, contemporary and cutting-edge.

If you want to combine these trends and opt for a kitchen with a wooden floor, definitely check out our offer of imitation wood tiles.

Uses of kitchen ceramic tile

Ceramic kitchen tile is used as a kitchen wall covering in interior design and decoration.

However, kitchen tile is also an excellent choice for enhancing your décor by using this material as porcelain paving material for kitchens.

TOSCANA GRIS 100X100 PERLA 75X150 AMB 01 - Azulejos cocina

Kitchen floors

Besides their varied design, ceramic floor tile for kitchens also has all the properties of porcelain stoneware tile.

Hence why ceramic tile for kitchen floors is one of the most popular options most commonly used on kitchen floors.

It should also be noted that kitchen floor tile is highly resistant, compact and long-lasting, while offering low water and moisture absorption.

This means that ceramic tile for kitchen floors is the best technical option for this part of the home.

Furthermore, we cannot forget to mention that the kitchen floor tiles you can find at CICOGRES include countless decorative options that will suit any kind of look that includes the kitchen floor in a renovation project.

Kitchen wall tile

Kitchen tile is also highly recommended for the kitchen walls.

When trying to find wall tiles for your kitchen, CICOGRES recommends that you take a look at our Toscana model in any colour, our Extreme model or our Bernini model.

All these ceramic kitchen wall tile options will provide a spectacular look.

But that’s not all. The latest trends in kitchen tile not only use kitchen wall tile as a kitchen wall covering but also as a material for covering pillars or kitchen islands.

The versatility and installation options for ceramic tile are endless.

Types of kitchen tile

Thanks to its textures, formats and colours, kitchen tile is a great constructive solution.

If you would like to know more about the types of kitchen tile available at CICOGRES, don’t miss our selection of tiles for modern kitchens or tiles for white kitchens.

Kitchen tile catalogue

Kitchen tile catalogue

In the kitchen tile catalogue from CICOGRES, you will find a wide range of kitchen tile options.

So, take a look, browse our catalogue and find the one that best suits your project.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask us. We will be thrilled if you get in touch with us to help you with your renovation project.


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