Bathroom tiles

Bathroom tiles

Your bathroom tiles are one of the most important decisions to make when undertaking a renovation of this room in your house.

Should the tiles in your bathroom be non-slip? Or can they be gloss? Which one best suits the decoration style I want? Don’t worry. At CICOGRES, we have the answers to all your questions.

Bathroom tile is perfect for use on your bathroom floor but also on the walls of large standard bathrooms. Did you know that?

Keep reading to become an expert in bathroom tile.

Characteristics of bathroom tile

Characteristics of bathroom tile

The bathroom is not the same as any other room in your house. You need to be careful when choosing the materials for any bathroom renovation project. It is a complicated space that is constantly exposed to moisture and water.

Bathroom tile is made from materials of outstanding quality, making it the best option for this room in your home. However, what are the advantages of bathroom tile?

Thanks to how easy it is to install, this ceramic material offers some perfect finishes when looking to cover the walls and floors of standard bathrooms. Furthermore, it can be easily combined with other types of tile and is a great alternative for a non-slip bathroom floor.

Besides these properties, bathroom tile is also very strong, waterproof, long-lasting and low-maintenance.

Bathroom tile trends

The bathroom has not always been a particularly relevant space in the home for decoration purposes. However, people look for designs nowadays that awaken emotions and sensations.

The tiles play an essential role in decorating your bathroom, which is why you need to check out the latest bathroom tile trends. One of the best bathroom tile ideas is a bathroom in blue tile. This is a great option in the bathroom, both in light and dark shades.

The minimalist atmosphere achieved with grey and white bathroom tile has been another highly popular choice for years. Furthermore, these colours can be easily combined with silver or gold tapware, and with colourful bathroom tiles and different textures, such as the imitation marble or imitation stone tiles.

Another of the most popular trends is to use green bathroom tile for some extreme personality! This colour adds an impactful visual aesthetic with a touch of class.

Uses of bathroom ceramic tile

The choice of bathroom ceramic tile is highly varied and offers infinite possibilities, hence why it is one of the top choices among professionals for both ceramic bathroom wall tiles and ceramic bathroom floor tiles.
The CICOGRES catalogue includes ceramic bathroom tile in various styles, colours, finishes, textures and formats that will perfectly suit any renovation project, including bathroom floors.

ALSACIA 60x120 NATURA ROBLE AMB 01 - Azulejos baño

Bathroom floor tile

Having a non-slip bathroom floor is a major factor to consider when seeking to prevent unwanted slips and falls. Hence why we recommend finding such options for your non-slip bathroom floor or bathroom shower, the most highly recommended place to install them.

Bathroom floor tile with a gloss finish is another great decorative option, in this case for a more traditional style. Furthermore, all the bathroom floor tiles from CICOGRES are highly resistant to water and the various cleaning products that exist. They are also antibacterial and prevent the spread of mould and fungus, something commonly found in wet rooms.

Bathroom wall tile

Bathroom tile is also highly recommended for use on bathroom walls. A variety of designs are available for tiling your bathroom walls. Furthermore, more daring options exist for artistic bathroom wall coverings that will achieve a personal and original look based on your chosen material for the walls of your bathroom.

BASILEA 30X90 AMB 02 - Azulejos baño

Types of bathroom tile

Depending on what your bathroom is like, the light available in the space and its size, it might be recommendable to choose one type of bathroom tile or another. In order to make the right choice, you need to consider such factors as the design, texture and style of the tiles.

You should bear in mind that tiles are something that can help enhance other strong features in the bathroom. To achieve a bathroom that feels bigger than it really is or one with a more modern touch, make sure to read our recommendations on small bathroom tile and modern bathroom tile.

Catalogue of bathroom tile

Catalogue of bathroom tile

At CICOGRES, we work hard every day to bring you a varied catalogue of bathroom tile with something to suit every project and style. Furthermore, the bathroom tiles that appear in our portfolio are synonymous with quality and good taste, enabling you to create original bathroom tile combinations or even opt for a non-slip bathroom floor.

What are you waiting for? Check out all our options and let your imagination run free. If you would like us to advise you, get in touch with us. Our experts will help you free of charge.


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