Invirtiendo en tecnología cerámica

We continue to invest in technology.

The Halcón Group, leaders in the production of ceramic tiles, continues to invest in technology and innovation as part of our strategic growth plan.

Grupo Halcón will double its polishing capacity with its new production line.
It will also incorporate three new grinding machines that will extend the range of grinded formats.

Grupo Halcón, a leading tile production company based in Spain, announces major new investments in state-of-the-art industrial machinery, as part of the Group's strategic plan for the second four-month period of 2022. Specifically, Grupo Halcón has started up the incorporation of 3 new grinding machines, in order to meet the high demand for rectified products, as well as 1 new polishing line, which will double its production capacity of polished formats.

With this new investment, Grupo Halcón continues on the growth path it has been pursuing in recent years and has managed to further strengthen the Group's value proposition in the market.

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